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"Who ELSE Wants To Hire The Internet's
Best-Kept Secret Writer & Editor To Turn
Your Books, Ebooks, Niche & Marketing
Products Into Better Moneymakers!"

How to Take a Great Product and Turn It into a Dynamic Best-Seller!

Cynthia  Bull

Hello and Welcome! Quietly for several years it has been my pleasure to work with some of the Internet's BEST Entrepreneurs to bring YOU their “amazingly dynamic” Writing and Marketing products to help YOU Change Your Life for the Better. Now YOU can get my Top-Quality Writing & Editing services and WATCH YOUR PROFITS SOAR TO HIGHER LEVELS! Let me – Cynrje ("synergy") – tell you how.

When You Want a Professional Writer & Editor to..

Take your raw data and turn it into a well-polished information moneymaker editorially correct in every way
Give your dynamic presentation or attention-grabber headline that concise “I get it!” language, look & feel
Check copy for errors
Add copy where needed
Be sure copy sounds logical
Make sure copy is easy to understand
Make the whole document look professional
Give you an HONEST review

You want them to KNOW how to do all these things! BUT – just because someone can read doesn’t mean they can Write or Edit! That’s when you need an...

Expert Writer & Editor to Do It Just Like You Want ItOnly Better!

"Cynthia was by far the best editor I've worked with.”

"Cynthia was by far the best editor I've worked with. Not only is she great technically, but she also treats your project as if it were hers. That kind of 'personal involvement' is a real treasure. Looking for an editor? Look no farther!" Dr. Frank B. Smoot, DD, MA, Author of "Love's Fatal Illusions," VA

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"Cynthia will show you by example why you need her exemplary Copywriting Skills."

"Cynthia is a very open and insightful Lady who instinctively understood what I was trying to achieve, and she articulated my feelings and message superbly. If you've never looked to using a copywriter before or you've experienced poor service, then I recommend you speak with Cynthia to see how she can help your Business. You will get results!" Bob Thompson MCIPS MILT, Creator of the "Smart Learning System," UK

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Consider these scenarios. What if you...

Have an idea that‘s rolling around in your head but you just can't seem to pull it out and you want to hire a writer to write it for you but don’t know where to turn?
Have just written your first “masterpiece” and are nervous about sharing it with the world and need someone to “look it over” and give you input on how to make it better so that it tells YOUR story and makes the point YOU want it to make?
Usually write your own copy but don’t always have time to write it yourself?

If you don’t know a good writer / editor or who to ask about finding one, you might end up entrusting your project to someone who fails your “capability” test and risk product delay.

Well, guess what! YOU Are Not Alone & This is Your Lucky Day!

My clients come seeking just these services. They may be an Internet Professional who’s already established, confident and successful, or they might be a timid beginner, but Trust is a major part of what writers and their clients share.

It’s risky to take your work to a stranger, bear your soul and then trust that stranger to honor your product and think of it with the same respect that you do. You've put long, hard, very intense hours into creating your work and want someone YOU CAN TRUST. It’s that simple!

YOU are my FOCUS and I give you experienced Writing & Editing services with...

Creative Ideas, Technical Accuracy & An Editor's Eagle Eyes for...
Books, Ebooks, Articles, Brochures, Papers and Special Projects of...
Authors, Publishers, Marketers, Speakers, Businesses & Individuals

Whether your project is creative, whimsical or inspirational or when you have...

Business, Medical, Legal or Academic Projects needing...
Documents Prepared for Formal Presentation with...
Fast Turnaround & 100% Accuracy

You Need to HIRE ONE of the WORLD'S BEST!

What do MORE clients say about my services?

“I Would Recommend Her to Anyone Who Wants Professionalism, Creativity and Fast Results.”

"Cynrje's work exceeded my expectations! The turn around time was incredibly fast and her work is outstanding. The revisions came fast and furious until I was 100% satisfied. I got just what I wanted and more. I would recommend her to anyone who wants professionalism, creativity and fast results. Thank you cynrje!" Debbie Morr, Realtor, AZ

"... work is excellent and professional. She was able to edit my book in just a few days and she was very interested about my input. She did exactly what I wanted an editor to do." Aashish Parikh, Medical Author of Future M.D. (cover synopsis by cynrje), TX

"Extremely professional. Adhered to deadline and cost. Followed instructions to meet my publication's needs and handled assignment with aplomb." Barbara Feiner, Editor Southern California Physician Magazine, CA

"I'm very pleased with the depth of the service that I was given. I got much more than I was looking for." Joseph N. Tapper, Motivational Speaker/Author/ Musician, FL

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Who benefits and what does it really mean when Internet Authors, Marketers & Speakers ask me to edit their copy and Copywriters give their full support for my products? It means...

YOU Get Expert Service and a Better Product because They Demand QUALITY!

I'm happy to work with ALL aspiring writers and can tell you without reservation that some of the most lasting friendships come from working closely with people on these levels. I have the deepest respect for Your creative talent and hold nothing back when it comes to working with you to make Your product all you envision it to be – Only Better.

What do even MORE clients say about my services?

“The Work Was Quite Simply Excellent."

"The work was quite simply excellent. I enjoyed working with Cyn-R-Je and I am sure we will be working together some time in the future. This service provider comes highly recommended.” Scott Juniper, Sports Psychology, UK

"... we're happy to have you on board! Great work!” Ben Prater, co-author with Ryan Deiss “Secrets To Cashing In On Dead Software,” MO

“... HIRE HER... she is the best...." Cathy Leslie, Recipes Author, TX

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Your Dynamic Internet Best-Seller is Just Around the Corner!

I invite you to review my entire site where you'll find candid comments by professionals and beginners about my services, products I'm associated with PLUS books and articles I've written. Then... PUT MY EXPERIENCE TO WORK FOR YOU!

My Guaranteed Outstanding Skills in ALL Services and Complete Customer Satisfaction are backed by 35+ years as an independent businessperson in both offline businesses as well as via the Internet for over a decade.

Hire Cynrje NOW And GET The Amazing Results YOU Deserve From YOUR PRODUCT!

Welcome to the World of

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