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Allnet Web Design and Hosting Gives You the Bonus & the BEST Service!

Hello and Welcome! Allnet’s web hosting expertise is the driving catalyst behind Cynrje ("synergy") when it comes to web design setup and management. Allnet has the experience and “big name” clients to support its reputation and success. I TRUST Allnet to advise me on all aspects of my web hosting needs and the latest technology for my sites. You Can Too! Get Your $200+ BONUS NOW –> Only Through Cynrje!
Cynthia Peavler Bull

Here are the Facts to Get YOU Set Up and On Your Way to Success!

Upon sign-up, your account will be set up the same day. Through email you'll receive all account information and 100% complete access to manage your account using the most widely used Control Panel on the market – cPanel.

The CYNRJE Hosting Account comes with this “state-of-the-art” Web Hosting Control Panel. With cPanel you can easily:

Manage your site

Monitor your resources

Install databases & mailing lists

Use its tools for security management and site statistics generation

Access your email via a web browser from any computer in the world - a Great Feature when out of town on vacation.

CYNRJE Hosting
Pentium 4 2.66 GHz
Disk Space
Email Accounts
Mailing List Server
2 Lists

Manage Accounts
Default Address
Auto Responders
E-mail Filtering
Forwards (Alias)
Mailing Lists - 2
Trace an Email Address
Spam Assassin

Webalizer Web Stats
Webalizer FTP Stats
Analog Stats
Latest Visitors
Error Log
Raw Log File
Raw Log Manager

Manage Mysql

CGI Scripts
Agora Cart
Bulletin Board
HTML/Java Chat Room
CGI Wrapper
Random HTML Generator
Simple Guestbook
Advanced Guestbook
FormMail Clone
Setup EntropySearch
Rebuild EntropySearch

Manage Accounts
Anonymous Setup
Login Message
Manage Sessions


Site Management
Web Protect
Change Password
Custom Error Pages
Mime Types
Apache Handlers
Frontpage Extensions
Search Engine Submit
HotLink Protection
Index Manager
IP Deny Manager
Disk Usage Viewer

Cron Jobs
GPG Keys

Network Tools

File Manager
Disk Usage

SSL Upgrade Available  
Your own CGI-bin  
24x7x365 Server Monitoring  
Self Administrated Backups and Recoveries  
CYNRJE Hosting
Setup Fee  

Normal Yearly Hosting
Fee For Intermediate Account

Your Cost With This Promotion

“... provides some of the best service I have ever seen...”

"Sydney Kenyon provides some of the best service I have ever seen in my last 7 years on the Internet! She always does exactly what she says she'll do... when she says she'll do it... and above and beyond the call of duty at all times! Whether it's hosting, web design, or graphics, she's the one to call!" Jim Edwards, Author of "Immediate Money Immediately!"

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Your Online Purchase is Safe by Secure Server.

Why did I need web hosting services and how did I find Allnet?

My Internet experience began by providing transcription services to existing clients, but I never considered marketing my services over the Internet. As I saw it, I offered no products – only services – and simply didn’t need a website nor a “web host.”

Then one day while transcribing a marketing product for Internet marketers Ben Prater and Ryan Deiss, it occurred to me that I, like they, could successfully transfer my business to the Internet. At that point I'd been working via the Internet for several years, but not until this project did the lightbulb ignite!

Their thinking was very logical and I naturally tuned in. As I transcribed the information, I began to process, interpret and internalize what they were talking about – basically to convert ideas into new pathways to create business products and opportunities.

It was a revelation!

But I knew nothing about the ‘mechanics’ of how to set up a website, create links and drive traffic, and kept the thought in the back of my mind. Over time I worked on numerous projects through my writing, editing and transcription services and amassed many potential affiliates and partners with ready-make products.

Finally after another year of providing services, I was ready to “go global” with my ideas and visions but still faced the ‘technical’ issues. In the process of pursuing writing interests, I had established a 'relationship’ with Jim Edwards, who has become a major force to be reckoned with in Internet Marketing.

When I approached Jim with my dilemma, he offered a suggestion that would mean a big change in the course of my Internet career when he said, “Why don’t you use who I use?” Then he gave me Sydney’s contact information.

That was almost a year ago, and not only does her company provide excellent services, but we’ve formed a rewarding working and personal relationship.

Take Advantage of Your Exceptional $200+ OFF BONUS NOW!

If you have any questions about ordering your CYNRJE Hosting Account, call us at 1-817-683-6966. Be sure to mention that I, Cynthia Peavler Bull, sent you to get YOUR $200+ Bonus Web Hosting Offer!

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“I have gotten lots of compliments on the site.”

“... people are really reacting well to your design work. I have gotten lots of compliments on the site. In fact, it got me a full page spread for a monthly article in one of the local real estate investing newspapers with a circulation of over 10,000.... That was a great side benefit of your excellent work.” Donna Robinson, Home Providers Inc.

You Have Everything to Gain By Accepting This Terrific Offer!

Great Service!
Great Marketing Tools!
The Latest Innovative Technology to Run Your Sites!

What Guarantee Do You Get With This Amazing Offer?

You have my 100% RISK-FREE GUARANTEE for 30 days from date of purchase that Allnet will deliver All Services as advertised here or you’ll get a complete refund once you notify me by email. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! It's that simple.

To Your Success Always,

Cynthia Peavler Bull

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