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» "Not only is the provider one of the absolute best you can hire...she is a wonderful person, Christian and friend....we will remain friends for life both in a spiritual and working relationship. HIRE HER...she is the best...."

CL, Recipes Author, TX

» "I'm very pleased with the depth of the service that I was given. I got much more than I was looking for."

JT, Motivational Speaker/Musician/Author, FL

» "Cynthia's work is excellent and professional. She was able to edit my book in just a few days and she was very interested about my input. She did exactly what I wanted an editor to do."

AP, Medical Author (back cover by cynrje), TX

» "Extremely professional. Adhered to deadline and cost. Followed instructions to meet my publication's needs and handled assignment with aplomb."

BF, Editor Southern California Physician, CA

» "A job extremely done well beyond the call of duty. I wouldn't take my business anywhere else."

FBS, Author, FL

» "The work was quite simply excellent. I enjoyed working with CYNRJE and I am sure we will be working together some time in the future. This service provider comes highly recommended."

SJ, Sports Psychology, UK

» "Working with Cynrje has been an excellent experience. Her writing is concise, and she's very meticulous in her research. She was very prompt, she has a great attitude, easy to communicate with, quick delivery under tough deadlines!! I appreciate her total immersion in the project. She deserves 10 stars! I very highly recommend her!"

AY, Entrepreneur Article, FL

» "Cynrje helped me out in a pinch and actually worked over the weekend to help me meet my deadline! In fact, I'm embarrassed to say I think Cynrje may have worked harder on this project than I have!"

DAW, Psy.D., PA

» "CYNRJE was very professional. She devoted her time, and energy by editing my work. She went above and beyond the calling, and for that "I THANK YOU." She not only helped me prioritize my work, but she encouraged me as a writer. She gave me her suggestions, but most importantly she gave me courage. Courage to move forward in my calling, and only God alone could have brought her in my life. I thank you once again, and look forward to working with you in the near future."

IZ, Aspiring Author, GA

» "Cynthia did very well with us. She writes very well and very prompt. The quality of her work is outstanding. The fillers she wrote were very precise and to the point."

Editor, Teenage Buzz Magazine, CA

» "Cynrje listened and produced. What more can you ask for! Would work with her again."

SKH, Author, NV

» "Wonderful writing skills! Fast turnaround! Recommended highly when you need that extra Oomph to your writing. I wouldn't have thought of anyone else..."

AN, Psychology Author, VA

» "Excellent work on a creative title. Thank you."

TJ, National Speaker, Author, OK

» "I was very pleased with the work done. She went the extra mile. I plan on using her again."

SG, Realtor, FL

» "Great job, thanks."

D., Short Story Creative Fiction, Internet

» "Cynrje's work exceeded my expectations! The turn around time was incredibly fast and her work is outstanding. The revisions came fast and furious until I was 100% satisfied. I got just what I wanted and more. I would recommend her to anyone who wants professionalism, creativity and fast results. Thank you cynrje!"

DM, Realtor, AZ

» "Good work."

NJ, Psychiatric Case Summary, NY

» "Excellent editing skills. I'd definitely work with cynrje again."

B., Medical Article, Internet

» "I appreciated everything that cynrje has done for me, has been very helpful. Thank You cynrje."

F, Business, MO

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