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CYNRJE  "...promoting the BEST people have to offer"© with products and services of people I know and respect who can help others to achieve the best quality of life possible by example, experience and shared knowledge.


Cynthia Peavler Bull writes for clients internationally on a variety of topics, with special interests in self-development – her “house specialty” – as well as business and marketing, medicine, spirituality, and in-depth personal experiences.

A Successful Businessperson

Cynthia has successfully parlayed 35+ years as an independent businessperson and a 27-year counseling career into her passion – Writing. She received a B. S. degree in Psychology in 1967 and has worked in psychiatric hospitals and community mental health agencies in Virginia and Ohio. Concurrently, she owned five successful businesses operating consecutively for 18 years during her 35-year entrepreneurial career. A selection of published editorial works includes:

Future M.D. (Aashish R. Parikh, M.D., book editing and back cover by Cynthia)
Love’s Fatal Illusions (Frank B. Smoot, DD, MA)
You've Been Set Up For A Setback, Seeds Of Character, and The Acorn And The Peanut (Joseph N. Tapper)
Oh, Poop! Problems Happen... It’s what You Do With Them That Matters (Scott Hove)
Make $100,000+ in the College Market: What College Speakers Won’t Share (Victor Gonzalez)

Medical Transcriptionist and Author, Published Poet

Cynthia earned a Diploma in Medical Language and Transcription Studies from At-Home Professions, Colorado, in 1997 and currently works exclusively on a freelance basis as an independent contractor. She is the author of How To Be A Medical Transcriptionist: A Beginner's Guide to Real Facts and Inside Secrets that Lead to a Successful Career. For more information and to obtain a downloadable copy, CLICK HERE.

Cynthia is a published poet appearing in America At The Millennium: The Best Poems And Poets of the 20TH Century.

She lives with her husband and son, 50+ goats, peacocks, cats, a miniature Sicilian donkey and pet dog on a seaside Virginia farm. “Life,” she says, “is NEVER dull!”

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