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Who Wants To Make $70,000+ A Year Working In A Home Based Business As A Medical Transcriptionist?

Do you want to learn Facts & Secrets of How to Work From Home or Office, Be Your Own Boss, and have the Skills YOU NEED to be a Successful Medical Transcriptionist?

Now YOU CAN by reading...

... this BREAKTHROUGH 80-page book by an MT that asks Practical questions AND gives Real answers to becoming a sharp, successful Medical Transcriptionist!

Are you starting a career or making a career change? Do you have more questions than answers about what to choose? Let me tell you how my book can positively change your career!

Take a preview L@@K inside with this candid
article from the book >> BENEFITS

20 BENEFITS Of Being A Medical Transcriptionist

From: Cynthia

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Cynthia Peavler Bull, and in this Beginner's Guide I candidly tell you basics you need to know to be a successful MT and how to Make More Money Faster! Why wait to learn valuable Facts & Secrets for Higher Earning Potential when you can get the information NOW!

Cynthia  Bull

HOW TO BE A MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONIST was written expressly for YOU, the aspiring MT who wants to know the real facts and inside secrets of being a successful MT. You will learn valuable answers to basic questions about this challenging and professional career that is rewarding on many levels every day. My goal is to help YOU reach YOUR goals! Sincerely, Cynthia Peavler Bull

Here are just some of the Facts & Secrets you'll learn.

HOW TO BE A MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONIST explains what YOU need to do to earn good, great and even extraordinary income!

It gives you the inside scoop on
       What hiring companies really expect from MTs
       Strategic learning curves and when you will encounter them
       Performance reviews and proficiency ratings
       The risks of “competition”

It honestly discusses
       Doctors & dialects
       Forms & templates
       At-home and on-site opportunities
       Being your own boss

It generously features
       Links to schools & training
       Reference books & websites

PLUS – Practicing MTs give you INSIDE Information you're unlikely to find elsewhere to help you with this important career decision.

Here's what a 25-year veteran MT has to say about this new book!

It is right on target. It should really open your eyes as to whether this is the type of work you want to do.” Dottie Hampton

10-year seasoned MT finds the content and support helpful!

"Cynthia, thanks so much for writing me back so promptly. I can already tell that my purchase of your book was well worth the investment.. I'm going to take the advice that you've offered below as I think that you see the problem pretty clearly. Thank you so much, Cynthia!!! I'm feeling better already. I was really starting to lose hope that I could master this deficiency." Angela W.

An aspiring "over 60" Newbie finds confidence in her new career!

"I really appreciate your interest in my career (especially as new as it is) and the fact that you are willing to refer me to a friend as someone who could be of help to her when we have only been corresponding a short time. Thanks for your faith in me... You and MTACC have been wonderful to me"! Millie Shaw

Experienced office manager is inspired to meet new goals!

"I have enjoyed your ebook. It was very informative and has inspired me to be the very best medical transcriptionist I can be. I really appreciate your help and ... that you have taken the time to correspond with me personally." Leigh Jackson

MT student finds HTBAMT the single best decision resource!

“I think your book is the single best resource I could have had to make this decision. I am very impressed with what you have been able to do in writing this book. It truly is a realistic preparation guide. It can only help the prospective MTs out there. I had a lot of folks recommend your book and they were right. I especially like how you reinforced the need to make a realistic decision.”  S. Dennis, Career Step Student

medical transcriptionist book

How can you order this exciting book?

$29.00 Ebook (Instant Access)

$39.00 Manual (Includes S&H)


Want More Information? Please – Read On!

Perhaps like I did, you've reached a point in your career where job burnout has peaked and you need to make a change. Maybe you're suffering from “obits” (the daily work grind) without much satisfaction and you need to find another career. Or maybe your boss has given you the boot – Ouch! – and it stings your pocketbook and nibbles away at your self-esteem.

Rather than tell you more of my story here, I want to give you the real picture of what you can expect. Even if you already work as an MT, you NEED to read my book for REAL FACTS about working either at home or an on-site office and what your boss will expect you to know.

Of course I want you to read my story (it's in the book!), but here quite frankly – YOU'RE MY FOCUS. You came to learn something, and in my book I share the knowledge of my experiences with you so that you can spend your time as productively as possible.

With that in mind here’s a Second preview article >> FACTS

  10 FACTS You Should Know About Being A Medical Transcriptionist

But there are many other facts and secrets throughout the entire book that you need to read to get the true picture of exactly who is the successful medical transcriptionist.

As an MT, I have the highest regard for ALL MTs, especially those who approach their jobs and responsibilities with the professional standards that this medical subspecialty requires.

But don’t think for one minute that all MTs have the same goals or ethics about their highly specialized and sensitive jobs that you have. That’s one of the surprises about my book. I tell you honestly – with real examples from my personal experience – about differences between MTs, how they can affect the job, and what you can do when they adversely affect you.

Is this a technical book and will I understand it?

You may ask, “Is there a lot of technical information and will I get lost in medical jargon?” I promise you a definite NO! It was my intention to give you the basic information about this professional career and to present it in the clearest way possible using simple language.

How can you be sure you're getting professional information?

Mary Moreno, creator of MT Daily, say s..."It's not pedantic or academic. It's what's between the lines that makes the's live communication!"
At-Home Professions MT school staff has determined my book to be “a useful tool for beginners.”
Margery Hillman, Founder/CEO Medical Transcription Advantage Career Center (MTACC) says, "I am very excited at what I'm seeing.. you have definitely done your home work..."

WOW! I Am Overwhelmed!

And they are further backing their support!

MTACC CEO Margery Hillman, has magnanimously offered $800 OFF the Full Tuition Price of their Online Interactive MT course if you enroll in the Next 30 days!
At-Home Professions has generously offered $100 OFF the first course of their Comprehensive Medical Transcription course!
MT Dailyowner Mary Morenoin strong support of all MTs has graciously donated a 1-month FREE Introductory Subscription!
Meditec generously donates a coupon for FREE on-line access with purchase of this book!

Plus! We've arranged for you to get these “Special Offers” right inside the book! All you have to do is purchase my book to receive all the valuable reading materials and these offers!

Read what OTHER respected reviewers of this inspiring book say..

David Garfinkel, President
Overnight Marketing, San Francisco

David Garfinkel, marketing consultant and master copywriter, comments: "If you're thinking of becoming a medical transcriptionist, you MUST have this book and read it thoroughly. Cynthia Peavler Bull doesn't pull any punches. She gives you the straight story about what it's REALLY like, and generously spells out the benefits and opportunities... as well as the snares and traps to avoid.

"When you're thinking about entering a new field, watch out for books written on a theoretical basis by people who have zero experience and even less common sense! That's what sets this book apart. Cynthia has really 'been there and done that,' and she goes the extra mile to translate her experience into useful information to get you in business as quickly, and profitably, as possible!"

David Garfinkel
Author, Copywriting Templates™

Jim Edwards
Co-Author, "Turn Words Into Traffic"
"Nothing teaches like the voice of experience! The fastest way to avoid years of trial and error stumbling around in the dark is to follow the lead of someone who has gone before you. If you want to create a career as a medical transcriptionist, Cynthia Bull is the person who will show you exactly what to do and, more importantly, what mistakes to avoid! Cynthia's warmth, trust, and caring really shine through in this exceptional guide that cuts through all the fluff and immediately gives you the real meaty content you need to get going fast!

Get this book right now!"

Jim Edwards
Co-Author, "Turn Words Into Traffic"

Joseph Trapper

“I went through your book, How To Be A Medical Transcriptionist, and found it to be the most extensive book on any subject. You covered all areas from learning about the career to how to establish yourself in it.  You left no questions unanswered.  This should be a very good tool for anyone curious about an MT position.”

Joseph Trapper
Author, Musician, Motivational Speaker

Victor Gonzalez

“The book is exceptionally well written and to the point. For anyone wanting to get into the Medical Transcription field, this would be a great starting point and investment.”

Victor Gonzalez
Winner of the 2003-2004 Diversity Speaker of the Year in the College Market

medical transcriptionist book


$29.00 Ebook (Instant Access)

$39.00 Manual (Includes S&H)

Not yet sure if being an MT is right for you? Consider this...

Imagine yourself jumping out of bed at 6 a.m. bursting with energy and mentally ready to get to work – either at home downstairs in your “jammies” and no make-up, or dressed comfortably and looking professional as you head for that nice medical office a short distance away – early! Imagine liking your career so much that you can't even think of retiring!

Daydreaming? Well this can become the reality of your dreams!

As a medical transcriptionist many options are open to you that don’t exist in other professional careers, and being your own boss is a real option you might seriously consider when you've mastered the skills necessary to enjoy the luxury of working from home, having more time for family, AND making a living with the potential to surpass friends and relatives who “beat the bushes” day after day after weary day.

You can get out of that job rut and meet the challenges waiting for you every day as an MT working with state-of-the-art information and professionals concerned with client care.

My book shows you how to develop the skills and mindset you need to become successful, and because I genuinely want you to have the Real Facts, well...

Here’s yet a Third preview article >> ASSETS

  10 ASSETS You Need To Be A Medical Transcriptionist

To succeed in today’s job market you want – no, you absolutely NEED the Best real-world knowledge you can possibly obtain. The information I'm giving you will answer your questions and tell you the Advantages YOU – the aspiring MT – need to succeed.

People often ask me the “voice recognition” question: Will it overtake the work of hands-on MTs? What’s the bottom line here?

To give you the latest information, I posed this and other questions to professionals who are in positions to give you expert information about this and other finer points of being an MT, in addition to my personal experiences and views.

I've included answers to questionnaires and interviews by knowledgeable, established and respected MTs that I'm sure you'll find interesting and helpful, and I sincerely thank them for participating with me to bring YOU the most current information available on relevant topics.

Still wondering if this book is for YOUR reference library?

If you’re seriously considering medical transcription as a career and aren’t totally convinced that my book offers all that I say it does, if the articles, testimonials and BONUSES haven’t convinced you, then perhaps being an MT truly isn't for you. It’s a serious, respected profession that requires modern skills and a serious attitude, and I'm the first to tell you that it isn't for everybody. But just in case you're still undecided about purchasing my book...

Here’s a Fourth preview article >> SECRETS

  9 SECRETS You Should Know About Being A Medical Transcriptionist

Are YOU Ready To:

  1. Choose a career that will Make A Positive Difference in your life and the lives of others?
  2. Work From Home and Be Your Own Boss?
  3. Have the Option to work for several clients in various locations?
  4. Set Your Own Hours?
  5. Decide How Much YOU Want To Earn?
  6. Be part of a Respected Professional Community?

Then You Need My Book!


Immediate Access to Real Facts & Inside Secrets you NEED to start your career as a Medical Transcriptionist.
Valuable Facts & Secrets for Higher Earning Potential.
Inside Information about what hiring facilities Really want from you and how you can meet and even Surpass their expectations.
Answers to Questionnaires & Interviews from “real world” medical transcriptionists.
Tips & Techniques to Boost Your Skills, Reduce Errors and Make More Money!
Resources to Books, Schools, Training, Websites & Links.
Generous Bonuses you can redeem right inside the book!


How To Master Skills & Techniques the successful MT MUST know.
The Key Factor in mastering listening skills.
How to Build transcription speed.
Secrets to working with difficult physicians and dialects.
The Importance of reference materials.
What Outsourcing Companies expect and what it’s like to work for them.
What Real MTs Say about Medical Transcription as a career.

PLUS... You Get 6 BONUSES!

  Bonus #1 Margery Hinman, CEO MTACC, has magnanimously offered $800 OFF the Full Tuition Price of their Online Interactive MT course if you enroll in the Next 30 days! Redeemable Coupon available only inside the book and manual!
  Bonus #2 At-Home Professions has generously offered $100 OFF the first course of their Comprehensive Medical Transcription course with the coupon located available only inside the book and manual!
  Bonus #3 MTDaily owner Mary Morken, in strong support of all MTs has graciously donated a 1-month FREE Introductory Subscription to her site available only inside the book and manual!
  Bonus #4 Meditec generously donates a coupon for FREE on-line access available only inside the book and manual!
  Bonus #5 Access to Articles, Interviews & Information right inside the book through Interactive Websites & Links!
  Bonus #6 Unlimited Email Support From Me in your quest to be a Successful Medical Transcriptionist.


HOW TO BE A MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONIST: A Beginner's Guide to Real Facts and Inside Secrets that Lead to a Successful Career is offered for Instant Access as an Ebook and as a Soft Cover Manual, both with redeemable BONUSES you can redeem right away! Get Great, No-nonsense information to help YOU begin or continue a career as a medical transcriptionist.

Plus! You have my 100% GUARANTEE for 1 FULL YEAR from date of purchase that HOW TO BE A MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONIST will be a definite asset to your MT career.

You simply can't lose with my 100% 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee!

medical transcriptionist book

   Yes, Cynthia! I want to order HTBAMT and begin my MT career today!

$29.00 Ebook (Instant Access)

$39.00 Manual (Includes S&H)


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For 25 years, Entrepreneur magazine has been advising people on how to start their own businesses. Now, Entrepreneur focuses that expertise on the hottest new way to start a business: on eBay!

Buy the book and go directly to page 152 to learn how Cynthia started her Internet business in this interview with co-author Charlene Davis.

My sincerest wishes for YOUR success! If I can be of any help along your path to becoming a medical transcriptionist, before or after a purchase or AT ANY TIME, please contact me .

To Your Success Always,

Cynthia Peavler Bull

P.S. If you want to know Facts & Secrets of how to Work at Home or Office and Maximize Your Earning Potential in a professional career as a Medical Transcriptionist, then you need to read HOW TO BE A MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONIST: A Beginner's Guide to Real Facts and Inside Secrets that Lead to a Successful Career. Click Here to Order Now!

P.P.S. Why wait to start learning what you need to know to begin Earning the Salary YOU Want when HOW TO BE A MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONIST gives you the information in less than 80 pages? To order and start reading now Click Here!

P.P.P.S. HOW TO BE A MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONIST is offered for Instant Access as an Ebook and as a Soft Cover Manual, both with redeemable BONUSES right inside. Whether you choose the Ebook or the Manual, you'll get the same great, no-nonsense information to help you begin a career as a medical transcriptionist.

P.P.P.P.S. Your purchase is backed by my NO RISK 100% GUARANTEE for 1 FULL YEAR in keeping with my policy NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Order Now!



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