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9 SECRETS You Should Know About Being A Medical Transcriptionist
by Cynthia Peavler Bull, “Cynrje”

Adapted Excerpt from

Real Facts and Inside Secrets that Lead to a Successful Career©

  1. If you're good with words and language, know how to type, can use a computer and have an interest in medicine, you may quality to become a medical transcriptionist.
  2. Repetition is a key factor in mastering listening skills. As much as possible, listen repeatedly whenever encountering an unfamiliar word or phrase.

  3. Transcription speed is built on abbreviated keystrokes which when expanded become sentences, complete paragraphs, and sometimes whole reports to which the transcriber adds additional information. Either purchase an abbreviation program, find a free one, or develop your own personal keystroke shortcuts. Include as many words as possible for use in medical transcription as well as general writing. Abbreviated keystrokes save time and enhance your ability to make more money.
  4. Keep all references handy and update them on a regular basis. This is especially important if you work as an independent contractor and despite the fact that a company you contract with may send reference materials. While on-site facilities may have references available, you may not have ready access to them due to use by others. Develop your personal library of hands-on materials. Bookmark Internet sites that can save you time.
  5. Always find ways to improve your knowledge and technical skills because learning occurs daily. As technology advances, you will be expected to know how to use and integrate these changes into a facility’s system.
  6. Expand your knowledge. Get to know other transcriptionists and network often, if not daily. Reach outside your comfort zone. As you continue in your career, the likelihood of greater demands and expectations made upon you increases.

  7. Choose an area of particular interest and become an “expert” in that area.
  8. While the road may be tedious in the beginning, ultimately rewards do come.
  9. If you promise 24-hour turnaround, deliver it. Honor and meet whatever commitments you agree to with your client.

© 2004 Cynthia Peavler Bull. All rights reserved.

This modified excerpt, book ISBN 0-9758530-0-7, may NOT be reprinted without express written author consent. Contact Cynrje at Visit CYN-R-JE Consultants, LLC™ at for your writing, editing and transcription needs and our complete menu of products and services. To order your downloadable MT ebook. CLICK HERE

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