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10 FACTS You Should Know About Being A Medical Transcriptionist

Adapted Excerpt from

Real Facts and Inside Secrets that Lead to a Successful Career©

  1. The world of medical transcription grows smaller each day as technology advances. If you want to be a successful medical transcriptionist, preparation and practice are key factors to live by.
  2. Medical transcription has evolved into a highly skilled subspecialty of medicine requiring proficiency in the knowledge of medical language and technical skills.

  3. Language proficiency includes knowledge and use of correct words, punctuation and spelling, as well as sentence formation (syntax). This proficiency applies to general language and the specialized differences found in medical language. Mastery of these differences is essential to becoming a successful medical transcriptionist.
  4. In today’s diverse medical communities, both language and technical skills can be learned by several means: in a private doctor’s office taught by someone “trained” in the same methods being used there (still a common learning practice); in a public facility, such as a hospital or other treatment center; at home, or on site in a specialized learning program in either hard copy or via the Internet. Whatever the learning method, today’s marketplace commands the successful medical transcriptionist to possess a variety of skills, which includes use of the Internet. This fact is a direct result of technical advances and practices in virtually every business and industry, and the medical profession is fast catching up with these trends.
  5. It is the job of a competent medical transcriptionist to know and accurately transcribe in any medical document all words, phrases, medications, dosages and details regarding a patient’s condition and / or care and to know when it is appropriate to “fix” a dictator’s blatant errors. Additionally, knowledge of standard medical transcription formats is required as preparation for work in any facility.
  6. A competent medical transcriptionist will have the necessary resources to complete the transcription task and to refrain as much as possible from leaving a blank in any document. With today’s access to a wide variety of information and databanks, this task has become easier to accomplish.

  7. Facilities vary in record keeping practices. All are subject to state and federal guidelines but may adapt individual facility practices for maintaining patient information. In addition, standard guidelines are in place regarding a patient’s right to protect and limit personal medical information.
  8. The difference between a transcriptionist and a good transcriptionist is the extra mile taken to ensure the accuracy of document information and presentation.
  9. The real world measures your proficiency by you getting the job done accurately and in a timely manner. Your work will be monitored and you will have regular performance reviews wherever you work, so performing your best is always a top priority.

  10. It pays to persevere. Learning what you don’t know will only help you in the long run.

© 2004 Cynthia Peavler Bull. All rights reserved.

This modified excerpt, book ISBN 0-9758530-0-7, may NOT be reprinted without express written author consent. Contact Cynrje at Visit CYN-R-JE Consultants, LLC™ at for your writing, editing and transcription needs and our complete menu of products and services. To order your downloadable MT ebook. CLICK HERE

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