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10 ASSETS You Need To Be A Medical Transcriptionist
by Cynthia Peavler Bull, “Cynrje”

Adapted Excerpt from

Real Facts and Inside Secrets that Lead to a Successful Career©

Hiring facilities view medical transcriptionist candidates as having a variety of talents, assets and characteristics. But you can bet ALL are looking for a competent MT knowledgeable in the basics. What do I mean by the basics?

A professional MT, even one just beginning, is expected to have a certain level of required medical, language, and technical knowledge and skills along with the necessary typing acuity to perform the job. The smaller the facility is, the smaller the amount of knowledge that may be required, such as in a private office in a small community. At least, this is a general assumption.

However, some small offices are associated with large facilities dealing with specialties – such as cardiology, orthopedics or oncology – and the degree of knowledge required in the small office may very well equate that found in a larger center. The “professional” MT is considered to know the material. The wise beginner – the “newbie” – knows the material and is willing to learn more.

The bottom line is that knowledge and skills are constants. It is only the volume, degree and extent of each that truly changes according to facility size and specialty. The more complex the facility is, the greater the need for expanded knowledge and skills to deliver the transcription services required.

Regardless of facility size, job proficiency is the name of the yardstick. And you will be measured by it.

What, then, are the greatest assets you can bring to your position as an MT?

  1. An interest in medicine
  2. A professional mindset
  3. A pleasant manner
  4. A cooperative attitude
  5. Excellent language and technical skills
  6. Excellent typing skills
  7. Good listening aptitude
  8. Accuracy and timeliness
  9. Flexibility to diverse situations
  10. A willingness to learn

... because learning is daily.

© 2004 Cynthia Peavler Bull. All rights reserved.

This modified excerpt, book ISBN 0-9758530-0-7, may NOT be reprinted without express written author consent. Contact Cynrje at Visit CYN-R-JE Consultants, LLC™ at for your writing, editing and transcription needs and our complete menu of products and services. To order your downloadable MT ebook. CLICK HERE

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