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Why Entrepreneurs Turned “Gurus” Help YOU Make Money!
by Cynthia Peavler Bull, “Cynrje”

In the Internet world, gurus are certainly busy making money for themselves. But what you might not realize – or want to believe – is that most truly want to help YOU succeed! WOW! Are you really aware of that? BELIEVE IT! They were entrepreneurs FIRST and then became gurus. They’re a “special breed.” Sure, they'll make even more money by helping you, but the ones I've met are called to a higher purpose than just making money.

What makes entrepreneurs and gurus special? It’s important to understand their mind, their “psyche,” what motivates them. As a group they're dedicated, determined, driven to realize a dream deep within the spirit, to ignite that creative spark that pushes them forward. When faced with disappointments, they find inspiration to continue toward their goals and that spirit just keeps igniting. They are ACTIVE DOERS despite the odds. But they also push themselves even further, finding new challenges to take on, reaching new heights. Along the way, they earn the respect of peers and even adversaries as they continue building a reputation of excellence.

What transformation takes place that turns an entrepreneur into a guru? What sets them apart as an acknowledged leader, a person with knowledge or expertise? When their efforts produce results that clearly distinguish them from others. Part of it is sweat, toil, trial and error, success and failure, long hours, feast and famine real-life situations that they transcend. In one way or another, they “pay their dues” and log hard hours to gain the knowledge and experience that put them ahead of the pack. Part of their mystique is a continuing search for elusive ideas and the desire to make them REAL. It’s a combination of experience, opportunity, timing, and knowing when to pick up an option, sometimes repeating the drill and then stepping in at the right moment.

Being an entrepreneur can be scary. It takes guts to pursue dreams, and gurus have realized dreams many times over. Their success comes from having a proven formula, character, business and personal ethics, and by dealing fairly with people who have come to trust them.

Today there are Internet gurus in every area imaginable to tell you “Everything You Need To Know About bla, bla, bla,” and “10 Steps For Better bla, bla, bla.” If you want warehouses filled with $$ practically overnight, believe me, free-flowing ideas on how to do just that are probably 7 out of 10 mouse clicks away. But finding the “real gurus” requires careful searching – and LUCK.

We're ALL ears when it comes to making money, but truly successful people share their experiences, holding back little, because they realize there is a greater good and that by sharing the wealth of knowledge, their fair share comes back to them. They support the theory, the principle, the universal truth of reciprocity.

When you work with entrepreneurs turned gurus, you're going to get mega doses of support to encourage, nurture and inspire your efforts and to celebrate your successes. They are genuinely interested in helping you to improve your life, to make it richer, fuller, happier and more meaningful. And, if they can show you how to get paid for doing what you love, then you have helped them reach yet another of their goals.

© 2004 Cynthia Peavler Bull. All rights reserved.
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