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Do YOU Have The Entrepreneurial Spirit?
by Cynthia Peavler Bull, “Cynrje”

Entrepreneurs are a special breed and, although obsessed with reaching their own goals, are genuinely concerned to use their experiences to help others. They dedicate themselves to years of hard work, sometimes experiencing failure, but they push forward and don’t take “no” for an answer – even when they feel like quitting. They possess determination, drive and guts. Some might say an entrepreneur is simply possessed!

What distinguishes an entrepreneur from another person? An entrepreneur ACTS on his thoughts, instincts and talents and actually DOES something – despite the odds. His passion is breath itself with tremendous power and it propels him to take risks. Even when that “creative spark” dims and he is immersed in doubts, the entrepreneurial spirit just keeps igniting, pushing him beyond self-imposed or external limitations.

“That’s scary!” you say, and indeed it is. But for the entrepreneur, that spark is the life force in its purest form! Somehow the entrepreneur continues to burn the midnight (and early a.m.!) oil, sweats and stews details and frustrations... and turns it all into $uccess.

Make excuses? Entrepreneurs have heard them all and known some of them personally on their journey. Do entrepreneurs hold a biased view? Most assuredly! They seek to improve life by making it richer, fuller, happier, and almost always they get paid for doing what they love to do!

Are YOU an entrepreneur? Do YOU have the spirit it takes to succeed? If you've ever found yourself in any of these situations, or similar ones, then you might be an entrepreneur:

  You get up in the middle of the night scrounging around for a pencil/pen and the tiniest piece of paper to write down ideas, because you know that getting back to sleep doesn’t guarantee you'll remember them in the morning.

  You wake up – again! – at 3 a.m., your mind racing with thoughts of how to improve your website, write copy, how to approach new partnerships, and you end up going to the computer to “get it all down.”

  While driving you stop by the roadside to write down notes while they’re still fresh in your mind. Thank goodness in your excitement you remember to pull off the road!

  You leave home because there’s no “space” for you to think and regroup your ideas, and then drive around for three hours until it’s safe to go home when everyone’s asleep and you can sit quietly and “create”!

  You honestly tell your spouse (significant other) on retiring, “I'm tired. Can we do IT later?” then awaken fully alert and proceed to write copy or plan your strategy.

If you've ever done any of these, then You've Got It! That sometimes delicate quality that makes you hard as nails and drives you to do “whatever it takes” to realize your goal, your dream, your passion.

How many entrepreneurs do you know and do they really fit the stereotypic mold of an entrepreneur? If you can think outside the box, then entrepreneurs may be all around you – in disguise! You can read more about THIS kind of entrepreneur in my newsletter, The Entrepreneurial Spirit. Just Click Here to subscribe.

© 2004 Cynthia Peavler Bull. All rights reserved.
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