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For some folks whether or not to be a medical transcriptionist is a no-brainer. Aside from any special training and required technical skills, who wouldn't consider it as a career choice?

Think about it. The benefits just aren’t that hard to swallow. Let’s see...

  1. You like words and are good with words – definitely an asset.
  2. You like to type and are good at typing – definitely an asset.
  3. You like working with a computer – in today’s world a necessity.
  4. You like challenges – plenty on a daily basis.
  5. You can learn medical transcription from home or an on-site facility.
  6. You have an option to work from home or in an office.
  7. You can work alone or with others – often your choice.
  8. You can work for one or several employers at a time.
  9. You have a choice of being an independent contractor, working for a medical center, or a public or private facility.
  10. You can often set your own hours, which means having a choice to be with your family more and not miss out on important times together.
  11. You like to network with others, whether working solo or in a group.
  12. You're interested in medicine and like the idea of being on the inside of the latest medical breakthroughs.You get to use the latest technology.
  13. You work with other professionals.
  14. You can become an “expert” in a subspecialty.
  15. The pay is competitive in today’s market.
  16. You can often get company benefits.
    18. You can get bonuses – if you're really good!
  17. There is a need for GOOD transcriptionists.

These are a few of the benefits and you may know of others. But the above are pretty hard to beat! Wouldn’t you agree?

I mean, let’s face it. If you have any interest in medicine, like to type and can place a check mark by most of the items above, then who in their right mind wouldn’t consider medical transcription as a career with these pluses?

There are just too many good reasons not to include this option in your thinking.

© 2004 Cynthia Peavler Bull. All rights reserved.

This modified excerpt, book ISBN 0-9758530-0-7, may NOT be reprinted without express written author consent. Contact Cynrje at Visit CYN-R-JE Consultants, LLC™ at for your writing, editing and transcription needs and our complete menu of products and services. To order your downloadable MT ebook.  CLICK HERE

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